Have you heard the buzz? Mosquito Bay Skiffs are coming to a shallow water flat near you. Introducing a new technical poling skiff that offers affordable quality, instead of extravagant expense. There are affordable skiffs out there that sacrifice quality, and quality skiffs that sacrifice your wallet.

This is not a copy of someone else’s design. There are enough of those out there. (You know the ones we’re talking about).

This is a totally new skiff that gives shallow water fisherman the features they demand in a technical poling skiff. Shallow draft, light weight for easy poling, truly dry storage, and a hull design that has zero hull slap for DEAD QUIET poling.

Mosquito Bay Skiffs are built by a small local boat builder with over 35 years of boat building experience. One that strives for perfection, while eliminating the expense that drives up the cost of production. The streamline production process is the focal point of the cost savings technique. While the cost of materials remains almost consistent among builders, the labor involved is where the expense comes from. Less labor = less expense.

That buzz you hear is all the talk about the new Mosquito Bay Skiffs. Don’t get stung by a poor quality, over priced skiff. Check out Mosquito Bay Skiffs yourself and see what all the buzz is about.


The Buzz. A full feature technical poling skiff.

Mosquito Bay Skiffs